Laszlo Nyerges

Originally from Brisbane Australia, Les Nyerges moved to Thailand in 1993. In 1995 he co-founded Capital Television Group Bangkok, one of the first English language producers focusing on English language TV programs in Thailand. It was an exciting time when satellite & cable TV was booming throughout Asia. With his partner Raine Grady, the company was able to distribute various TV programs around the world on a weekly basis. This was a unique opportunity at a time when airtime opportunities were difficult to procure.



The Business of Travel – CNBC Asia
ASEAN Focus – CNBC Asia
Hot Property Asia – CNBC Asia
Travel Asia & Beyond – STAR World, STAR Plus, TRUE
Destination Thailand – UBC Series, TRUE Visions, MCOT World

With a TV production experience of more than 25 years, Les Nyerges is most satisfied on the road working as a cameraman or a field producer. When back in the office he is primarily responsible to marketing and updating his You Tube and Website accounts.

Travel Asia and Beyond TV
Destination Thailand TV
Pattaya Plus TV

There have been many changes in 2018. Primarily with his two sons (Dylan and Tyler) finally moving to Australia for university, Les Nyerges decided to move his residence from Bangkok to Pattaya. As an avid sailor, go-kart racer and big bike rider, he was moved closer to his perfect playground.
With the benefit of having two main offices bases, (Bangkok and Pattaya) he is quickly reconnecting to the Pattaya business market by relaunching his popular local TV program called Pattaya Plus TV.

It’s looking that 2019 will be an excellent year!

Tony Hanscomb

Born in Beckenham, Kent, England in 1951 and at 11 years old attended Quernmore School for Boys, Bromley, Kent, from 1963 to 1965 and learned army discipline!

Tony moved to Thailand and started Tony & Nok Studio Ltd Part which developed into First Frame Productions Ltd, in Suriwongse Road in Bangkok the company employed 15 staff and won many major photography campaigns with major advertising agencies.

He founded and managed the animation & graphic arts department for Capital Television Group creating 3-D animations, flying logos, openings, credits, commercials and special effects for international and domestic television programming and industrial videos. Working on weekly programs run on STAR TV Asia (the Rupert Murdock-owned Fox satellite network) and UBC Thailand Cable Network (now True Visions) He helped produce corporate videos for major corporations including Sheraton Hotels Pan Pacific Group, Hard Rock Hotels, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and many others.

Tony moved to Pattaya to be Capital TV’s Eastern Seaboard Reginal GM and Creative Director, he also worked as creative director for Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark for 5 years.
Now based in Pattaya, and has teamed up with “Pattaya Plus TV” covering all stills photography requirements including all retouching which is included in the price.

Rod McNeil

Presenter Rod McNeil is also returning as a reporter with the Pattaya Plus  TV team. Now a longtime resident of  Thailand, Rod was born in Australia’s North East, a kind of Isan in those days. However he spent much of his young life in Port Moresby, in nearby Papua New Guinea which had one radio station for news and entertainment. But by the time he was 19, Rod had become a full time broadcaster with 9PA, a former Australian.Army Station.

Soon he was working with the national broadcaster in Sydney and Melbourne in news and presentation, and helming the Aussie end of a radio request show broadcast on the BBC every Sunday. Lucky to come across Thailand in his travels, Rod is involved as an editor with NBT News, and was anchor of a daily internet news show followed by a far-flung audience for over two years. Join us regularly for Pattaya’s take on life and leisure.