Pattaya Plus – Our own TV Program as seen locally in Pattaya
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The amazing Sriracha Tiger Zoo just outside of Pattaya


The enormous depth of things to do and see in and around Bangkok is just one of the many reasons Thailand is so popular as a tourist destination, Here is another very clear example of this fact. It is in fact uncertain when Sriracha Tiger Zoo first opened, however it was in 1982 when it first started caring for tigers. The zoo started with just 2 couples, and currently there are 345 Bengal tigers housed here, with numbers increasingly


Pattaya Property Show 2014


Pattaya Style now reflects livable luxury as the resort city on the bay develops apartments truly worthy of the seascape and Sun City ambience. Many were featured at The Pattaya Property Show 2014.


A day in the life of Superstar 'Lukkade' working with The Riviera Jomtien


The first Riviera project in Pattaya’s prestigious Wongamat Beach area has been a resounding success and this time round The Riviera Group took their dream south of the city. To help promote the new venture they brought on board famous Thai actress and model Methinee Kingpayome, known to Thai’s as Lukkade. We were lucky enough to catch all the behind the scenes action during the filming of the projects new TV commercial.


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