Pattaya Plus – Our own TV Program as seen locally in Pattaya
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A Bayside Meeting of the Combined Chambers of Commerce


The British Chamber of Commerce based in Bangkok was the organizing host of a Pattaya gathering at year's end, uniting in festive spirit members of various Thai based Chambers. The Networkers were entertained poolside at the entrancing new hotel DARA in North Pattaya.


Pattaya's best new Baaa! A sheep farm attraction for your whole family


While we hardly think of sheep as being part of the Thai landscape, Pattaya is one of those places that will often prove you wrong. Not only is there a sheep farm near the famous bay, but the residents are said to be a Thai breed. They are friendly, good eaters, moderate drinkers and keen to meet visitors. So they fit very well into the Pattaya scene, and can be found grazing in enviable surroundings just near the motorway north.


Pattaya shines during the Xmas Festivities and its world class Fireworks


Pattaya is buzzing during the end of the year. Rod McNeil enjoys quality jazz and the annual International Fireworks Festival.


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