Pattaya Plus – Our own TV Program as seen locally in Pattaya
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Bang Chan Chinese Market - Marking the old days in Pattaya


A village first settled by Chinese immigrants is now highlighting its origins with a Saturday evening market that recalls its past and celebrates the old styles of food and entertainment. You'll find it about 2 kilometers past the Phoenix Golf Club on the left, in the green-belt of the Pattaya hinterland. There is ample parking and is open from 4pm to about 10pm.


Collingbourne Auction House - A Pattaya success story!


It was 6 Years ago when John Collingbourne, an auctioneer and showman with an interesting accent from Wales, decided to sell his hotel business and start a new auction house in Pattaya. John had missed being an auctioneer and through his passion was able to find a gap in the market. He hasn't looked back. He says, "I hit the button and the business took off". An amazing place where you can find almost anything from


Pattaya's top Tourist Attractions!


We visit several of Pattaya's most popular tourist attractions.

1) Ripley's Believe it or Not

2) Mini Siam

3) The Sanctuary of Truth


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