Pattaya Plus – Our own TV Program as seen locally in Pattaya
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Shipbuilding for the international market in Pattaya


The prominent Ocean Marina complex on the bay at Jomtien has long catered to the boating fraternity enjoying the tropical waters of the in their big workshop, individual craft can be designed and built to order. Today the Jomtien chapter of Gold Coast Ships of Australia, is launching a and classic catamaran with a great journey ahead of it


Ban Amphur - A village near Pattaya that maintains its "Thai Pace of Life"


An authentic Thai village lies just along the coast from Pattaya, past the modern landmarks of towering condominiums. Busy Sukhumvit Road runs right through it, but Thai people know of its attractions. It's a fishing village on one side, with large school campuses on the other side of the highway. Its famous restaurants sell what the trawlers bring in each morning and the setting is one of the best. Ban Amphur's


Pattaya's Dr. Iain - Racing through Life!


Long time Pattaya resident Dr Iain Corness continues to make a distinctive mark in many areas of public life in Pattaya; as a doctor at the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital guiding foreign patients through their health needs, as a columnist in the Pattaya Mail writing on health, motoring and the stuff of life, and as an experienced racing car driver with a winning streak. His great enthusiasms are all long lasting, like Dr Ian himself.


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