Why Pattaya Plus TV recommends Drone Video?


  • Starting off your video with a high quality aerial introduction will grab viewer’s attention immediately.
  • Drone footage allows the viewer to see the entire subject from a unique perspective.
  • Drone video makes your video stand out from competitors.
  • When done professionally, aerial video adds new dimensions to your brand.
  • We provide your customers with an entirely new view that they otherwise wouldn’t get to see.
  • When you start or include drone footage, you’ll have the viewers’ full attention from the start.



  • We are extreemly profficient with hunderds of flying hours logged.
  • We are fully insured and Government Licenced.
  • Our  newest drone uses the latest Ai technology with Hassleblad 4K camera.
  • We can fly almost anywhere, including indors with extreeme accuracy.
  • We obey and respect the laws of Thailand and fly resposibly to avoid giving our customers any problems (unlike other opperators)!
  • Please see and enjoy our sample video: